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Property Tax Consulting Company

Republic Property Tax (“RPT”) is a full-service property tax consulting company with expertise in real estate, personal property, cost segregation and the complex valuation issues associated with special-use properties. RPT provides professional property tax assessment appeal representation; we are not associated with any government agency. RPT property tax consultants handle property tax protests for Texas home and business owners from start to finish and help them realize substantial property tax savings.

Property Tax

Our success is attributed to a blend of cultivated professional relationships with the various county assessors, extensive appeals board hearing experience, knowledge of Texas’ property and tax codes, as well as a thorough understanding of the appeals process. In addition, RPT is an industry leader because of our employees, our approach and our strategic use of technology including our development of a web-based client care system and our use of proprietary valuation software. We are committed to staying ahead of the information and technology curve for one reason — to discover new and better ways to provide our clients with excellent service and visible results.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to secure tax savings for Texas home and business owners and to ensure that they are assessed for no more than their fair share of the property tax burden. We do this by providing advocacy and information to the county appraisal district to be properly considered using generally accepted appraisal principles.

Our Values

Professional accountability





Our Goals


Community Involvement

We actively seek opportunities for community involvement and are continuously developing ties with community leaders and institutions and forming strategic partnerships for our mutual benefit.

Comprehensive professional services

As your fiduciaries and advocates, we strive to provide you comprehensive property tax services delivered with the highest degree of integrity, transparency, and professionalism from start to finish.



Communication & Accessibility

Our web-based client care system enables you to access the status of any case, create customized reports, download critical information pertaining to your personal property and real estate values, appeals and taxes, and communicate with us at any time.


We strive for visible results measurable by better returns on your investment due to increased profits from substantial tax savings; reduced legal expenses in the future by ensuring property tax compliance today; increased efficiency in your home and business by providing you with full-service property tax management; wise investment planning by helping you identify the tax implications of prospective purchases and avoid costly mistakes.


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We continuously lower property taxes for thousands of Texans each year.

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