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Residential Property is property that is used or will be used as a dwelling, homestead, or living space.



Property used specifically for business or income-generating purposes.


Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property is the tangible assets that the company owns, such as computers, chairs, desks, machinery, etc

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Property Tax

Republic Property Tax («RPT») is a full-service property tax consulting company with expertise in real estate, personal property, cost segregation and the complex valuation issues associated with special-use properties

RPT provides professional property tax assessment appeal representation; we are not associated with any government agency. RPT property tax consultants will handle your property.

Property taxes are local taxes. Your local officials value your property, set your tax rates, and collect your taxes.

Property Tax Appeals Services

Our Property Tax Appeals Services


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Property Tax
Protest in Texas

With the prices of homes rising, your residential or commercial property has probably been over assessed and is likely costing you much more in property taxes than you should be paying.

Our team at Republic Property Tax will protest your property tax assessment with the County — lowering the appraised value of your home or business and reducing the property taxes you pay — each and every year.

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