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How to Dispute Property Taxes in Texas

Property taxes are necessary to fund public works, but do they have to be so high?

It appears that in Texas, they do. Without…

When Are Property Taxes Due in Texas?

Most people don’t think about property taxes until they get their statement. Then some sticker shock might hit, especially for Texas homeowners. This state has

Property Tax Arbitration Hearings: What to Expect

Texas allows property owners to protest what the appraisal district has determined to be their property value. To dispute the appraisal, taxpayers can choose

Am I Eligible to Request Regular Binding Arbitration?

Did you receive a Notice of Appraised Value from the Appraisal Review Board? Was the value way higher than you expected? If you are worried about

What is Regular Binding Arbitration?

As a Texas taxpayer, you have the right to protest the Appraisal Review Board’s determination of your property value, which affects the amount of taxes you pay. 

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